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Welcome to the Body Place. Your body is meant to move and this is a safe and fun hub to do that.

We understand that everyone has a different reason and motivation to go on a fitness journey and the Body Place offers a variety of activities that is fun, challenging and progressive. We invite you to click the button above to get more information about our offers and join our pool of certified fitness professionals who will guide you and cheer you on to fulfill your fitness mission.

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Working out with a group of people is the core of the Body Place. The benefits of working out with a bunch of motivated and like minded people is your best bet in keeping yourself motivated!

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Hola ladies! We offer your own area, your own classes and classes for your young ones too. It's always Ladies Day on Wednesdays so you can bring your kids, girl friend, sister or mom to *try out the Body Place for FREE!

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The Box is your kind of playground.We equipped it with everything that will push your heartrate through the roof.

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till we open the doors!

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We’re coming to you and we have so much to offer. We have flexible membership options for every BODY. Just click on the button on the upper right side and fill in your details or give us a visit at the Level 2 Al Hanaa Center, Mankhool Rd. Near Satwa Roundabout.

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AED 49 *per class
  • Premium Bootcamp Classes
  • Advanced Yoga Classes
  • Kid's Classes
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Flexible Membership Options
AED 209 *per month
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Unlimited Use of Facilities
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